Why Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Hate Each Other

Are you ready for the ultimate billionaire bout Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg? Why do these two plutocrats hate each other? In this corner? Mark Zuckerberg. While he was only in College, his idea for a dating website was more into Facebook and he and his partners launched the massive social media network and changed the Internet forever.

Meta Mark Zuckerberg

His network has grown to include image-sharing site Instagram, private message service, messenger, and international chat app. Whatsapp he’s fallen into controversy for how its sites handle their user data. But he became the 7th richest person in the world as of October 2021 with a net worth of $118,000,000,000.

Tesla Elon Musk

Known for his love of ambitious tech projects. He dominated the electric car market, founded the infrastructure company the Boring company, and the private space travel company SpaceX, and is involved in brain interface research and Neurolink. He’s known as much for his eccentric personality and his bizarre tweets as for his innovations, and he was once fined by the federal government for tweets that caused the stock fluctuation. But it hasn’t stopped him from currently being the richest person in the world with an October 2021 net worth of $202,000,000,000.

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The two didn’t intersect much, with Zuckerberg’s interests being primarily in the digital sphere and Musk’s more in physical technology.

Past Decade

But in 2016 they were about to collide in a big way. SpaceX planned to pull off a major rocket launch and it would be carrying an expensive payload, a 200 million dollar satellite from the Internet. Org backed by Zuckerberg. The telecommunications satellite would be launched into space by the rocket in one of the first major collaborations between the billionaires, but it would never get off the ground literally. In September 2016, a major fire broke out on the rocket before it could launch and the rocket was destroyed along with the satellite.

It was a massive setback for SpaceX, but not the first. After they had lost a rocket in a 2015 mishap. Musk was disappointed, but Zuckerberg was angry and took to Facebook to express his opinions, his language. 

After the controversial 2016 presidential election, attention turned to just how much misinformation there was on Facebook. You’ve probably seen it. You’re looking at pictures of your friend’s vacation, and the next post is your aunt’s second husband talking about how Aspirin is actually minded control pills. But an investigation into the company’s involvement in the election was brewing, and in 2018 it blew wide open.

Cambridge Analytica Scam

Cambridge Analytica was about to enter the chat turned out that the personal data of millions of Facebook users had been covertly collected by the British data firm. It’s pretty easy to give away your data on Facebook. But the scandal here wasn’t just that the data had been collected without permission.

Cambridge Analytica had been involved in advertising during the Brexit vote in the UK, and many politicians there wanted answers, too, and the politicians weren’t the only ones with strong opinions. Two years ago, it had been Musk in the hot seat when Zuckerberg hit out at him, and Musk was now ready to strike back. Amid the scandals, a Tesla founder suddenly deleted all of his company’s Facebook pages, no doubt breaking the hearts of Tesla fans worldwide. His explanation of the big tech company and its deep involvement in the user data gave him the Willys.

These were the big incidents, but the two couldn’t seem to stop taking shots at each other.

He talked about how assuming the worst of artificial intelligence(AI) was irresponsible and stated that he was optimistic about the future and of course, it didn’t end there. Musk immediately took to Twitter the next day and accused Zuckerberg of having a limited understanding of AI, and the fight was on. Once again, the two would continue sniping at each other on and off, and old incidents would come up again. When Musk was asked about the failed rocket launch, the Tesla CEO commented that at least they gave him a free launch to make up for it and implied that Zuckerberg was making too big a deal over the loss. After all, they probably had insurance, but in 2020.

Election Controversy

The controversy over Facebook’s data regulation continued into 2020. As the next presidential election loomed, many activists called for the company to be regulated or broken up, including the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who condemned it for letting antisemitism flourish on the platform due to a lack of moderation. What he wasn’t expecting was for one of the world’s richest men to leap in on his post and reply with the hashtag delete Facebook. It’s lame maybe not the most profound statement, but Zuckerberg would only read it one way. A declaration of war, and soon real-world events would escalate the feud.

Once again, the presidential election was over, and soon Joe Biden would be certified as the winner. But a mob of protesters had other opinions. They stormed the Capitol Building and killed a police officer to stop the certification vote, leading to arrests, injuries, and deaths. In the aftermath, the shocked nation looked for a cause, and many people pointed the finger at social media, which had allowed conspiracy theorists to spread rumors about the election being rigged for months before the vote. While much of the attention was focused on Twitter and its moderation, others thought Facebook was still a major culprit, and Musk was ready to once again throw fuel on the flames.

Most Active Billionaire 

He took to Twitter, claiming that the capital rampage was part of a domino effect. That all started when Zuckerberg created a website to rate women on the campus. While the popular domino Internet meme might have not been the most effective way to make his point, Musk continued to comment on their data sharing and spying practices, as well as the greater integration on apps like messenger and WhatsApp meant. Facebook would be getting more data even if people weren’t on it. He even pointed people to the encrypted messaging app Signal as an alternative and was retweeted by another Zuckerberg rival, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Why Dislike to Each Other

So why do these two dislike each other so much? It seems counterproductive for them to keep on sniping at each other. After all, they’re not direct business rivals in many areas. While their interests can intersect the sources, their fortunes are very different. And in the new economy, the wealth of these billionaires is largely dependent on one thing, the state of their stockholders’ controversy makes their companies seem unstable, and that can lead people to sell stocks, something both are very familiar with as controversy has seen their net worth fluctuate wildly, losing billions in a single day of trading.

So why can’t they seem to stay in their own lanes? One possible explanation is that they don’t understand each other very well. The two come from different backgrounds. Musk is the scion of a wealthy South African family with roots and old money. Zuckerberg, meanwhile, didn’t grow up poor but was certainly not expected to become a billionaire when he went off to Harvard.

Marketing Trends

Musk’s explosive, eccentric personality is not a good match for Zuckerberg’s more restrained demeanor. It may be a version of that one person in your friend group that you just don’t vibe with just on a global scale. The other explanation is much more ambitious. There are only a few people on the planet who have more money than they know what to do with Zuckerberg and must own so many companies that their wealth basically grows on its own. So they’ve turned their attention to changing the world, and that puts them into competition with each other.

They’re both chasing historic firsts, and when only a few people in the world can do the same thing as you, it’s natural to see them as a rival and try to tear them down at every opportunity. But they’re not the only people trying to pull them down. Another reason for their enmity might be because they want to make sure the heat is on the other guy. As two of the most visible billionaires, they’ve come under frequent fire from politicians angry about income inequality. While their twelve-digit fortunes are enough to make people bang on the virtual gates with virtual pitchforks, their own scandals have raised ire as well.

More Controversy

Controversy over Zuckerberg’s Davis scandals and Musk’s love for energy-consuming cryptocurrency and AI. have gotten them both in hot water. And if they can emphasize the other guy’s problems, maybe Congress won’t be looking at their own. But someone else might just stand to benefit from this feud. While Musk and Zuckerberg have been fighting it out in the background, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been emerging as possibly the most powerful billionaire in the world. His Amazon delivery service has become the go-to source for ordering just about everything.

His streaming service is producing dozens of new series a year, and he started his own space travel company, Blue Origin, allowing tourists with deep pockets and even celebrities like William Shatner to make trips to the border of space. While he gets many of the same complaints about his massive wealth just short of Musk’s total as of October 2021. And there are persistent complaints about conditions at Amazon’s workplaces. He doesn’t seek out the headlines as much as Musk and Zuckerberg, and he’s only getting richer while they fight, it might be time for the two long rivals to stop sniping and focus on a bigger threat like rival superheroes. Or they could just keep insulting each other on Twitter.

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