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Top disease causes of death in the world


The World Bank has divided the economies of the world into four categories, low, low, medium, high, medium, and high. Its basis is GDP.

  1. In low-income countries, newborns have the highest mortality rate. It then leads to respiratory infections, heart disease and diarrhea. The special thing is that in low-income countries, communicable diseases cause more deaths. While it is becoming less lethal in the world. At the same time, malaria, road accidents, TB, AIDS and cholera are also one of the 10 major causes of death in these countries with low income and less facilities.

2. Heart disease, stroke, neonatal conditions are major causes of death in low-middle-income countries. At the same time, TB, road accidents are also big reasons.

Heart disease, stroke are major fatal diseases in upper-middle-income countries. At the same time, road accidents and stomach cancer are also major causes of death.

3. Alzheimer’s and dementia are the leading causes of death after heart disease in high-income countries. Hypertensive heart disease also causes a lot of deaths in these countries.

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