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Top courses to study in USA

Top courses to study in USA

The best courses in the USA: When the topic of studying abroad comes up, everyone is talking about the USA. The reason is obvious. With nearly 10,000,000 international students enrolled at various universities, the US is the highest. When it comes to global education, be it because of the wide variety of offerings or the flexibility of programs, American universities are attracting more and more foreign students. In this article, we‘re going to introduce you to the top five courses that international students take in the US that also offer the most opportunities for professional development. Attracting Students, the following table will help you briefly understand the top 5 courses popular with international students in the United States:

prime programs to study in the USA:

No.Top coursesNo. of students
1Business management197,258
3Maths and Computer Sciences112,950
4Social Sciences75,951
5Physical and Life Sciences73,838

Here are the best courses in the US: BusinessAdministration- With over 20% of international students taking the course, business administration outperforms all other areas and is the most sought-after program and therefore one of the best courses in the US of course, there are many in the reasons for international students to complete the program at the university. The country has the maximum number of universities listed in the top rankings of business schools by FT and The Economist. Seven US business schools are among FT’s top 10 business schools. In fact, names like Harvard, Wharton, Columbia are enough to excite students who dream of becoming business leaders. Speaking of business leaders, did you know 22 Harvard graduates are among the FT500 executives? The world’s largest economy also plays an important role in ensuring a wide variety of career opportunities for students. Not just in the US market, an MBA from a top US university in all countries.

Here are the highest 5 engineering schools in the USA:

No.UniversityFT rankingTuition fees
1Harvard Business School1$61,225
2University of Pennsylvania: Wharton3$70,870
3Stanford Graduate School of Business4$64,050
4Columbia Business School6
5MIT: Sloan8$65,750

Here are the highest courses to review in USA:

Engineering MINT subjects, which include engineering, are all the rage among international students in the United States. In terms of numbers, the international engineering students are in second place with 196,750 students behind the business students a maximum number of engineering universities in the ranking of the 10 best according to QS. In fact, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is considered the most sought-after engineering university in the world and is consistently at the top of the rankings. The Masters’s degree offered by most US universities is the most sought-after degree program among international students. Of course, engineering is also one of the highest paying degrees in the US and the world, with degrees like construction and mechanical engineering earning the highest salaries.

Here are the highest 5 engineering schools in the USA:

No.Engineering collegeRankingTuition fees(PG)
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)1$46,400
2Stanford University2$42,240( 8-10 units)$64,960 (less than 8 units)
3The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)8$54,301
4Harvard University10$41,832
5California Institute of Technology (Caltech)16$43,710

Maths and engineering sciences: Another chunk of the STEM subjects, Maths and engineering science are glorious to draw in the foremost variety of international students once business and engineering. STEM constitutes 30% of the whole number of international students learning within the USAA creating it one amongst the highest courses. Again, names like MIT, Stanford, and Harvard are distinguished because of the top universities for each arithmetic and laptop Science. A new advantage of studying in US universities is there’s ample scope to explore analysis opportunities in the country.

QS RankingTuition fees
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)1$48,120
2Stanford University2$44,184
3Carnegie Mellon University4$45,000
4Harvard University4$43,280
5University of California, Berkeley (UCB)6$28260

Here are the top 5 laptop Science colleges within the USA:

No.UniversityQS RankingTuition fees
1Harvard University2$41,832
2Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)3$40,451
3Stanford University4$44,184
4University of California, Berkeley (UCB)6$28260
5Princeton University8$41,820

Social Sciences: With over 75,000 worldwide faculty students registered in humanities, Social Sciences makes it to the top publications to look at withinside the USA. Social sciences and humanities cowl some topics like anthropology, journalism, worldwide relations, economics, then on. “Besides engineering and MBA, college students typically select social sciences thanks to the actual fact the scope for studies during this region is huge withinside the USA. Also, in distinction to uncountable countries, method prospects are easy to be had right here in those sectors,” says Kent D Thomas, Assistant Vice President, International Programmes, Missouri State University, US.

Here are the top five social science colleges within the USA:

US News  RankingTuition fees
Harvard University1$41,832
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Princeton University1$41,820
University of Chicago1$44,178
Stanford University5$44,184

Physical and Life Sciences:

Some of the top courses to study in USA, Biology, and medicine have been a big hit among international students. In fact, more and more students are moving from traditional fields and joining combined courses in these fields. “Both my parents are doctors. But I want to stay connected to healthcare via the path of technology. Hence, being a healthcare business analyst in USA is my dream,” says Shirish Dhar who is pursuing the course in US. 

Here are the top five medical colleges in USA:

US News  Ranking
Tuition fees
1Harvard University1$55,850
2Stanford University4$50,715
3Johns Hopkins University5$76,744
4University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)    6$48,646
5University of California, San Francisco7$49,589

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