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Shatkarma benefits for health


What is Shatkarma 

Our body is generally made up of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. In which Vata controls the functional functions, Pitta controls all the chemical functions of our body, and Kapha is considered to be the structural manager of the body. In order to lead a healthy life, it is necessary to balance all these three. The environment around us and our many actions can disturb the balance in it. Deterioration of the balance can cause health-related problems.

  1. In the olden times, six types of Kriya were done to make the body healthy, to do high practice of Pranayama and Asana. The yogi could purify the body internally as well. These six types of action are called Shatkarma (Shatkriya). In Hatha Yoga Pradipika it is depicted in the form of Kriya. This conspiracy is something like this.
  2. morality
  3. Dhauti
  4. nauli
  5. settlement
  6. Kapalbhati
  7. tratak

All these actions are associated with different parts of the body. By doing these the body is completely purified internally. Now we share a little information about everyone with you, which is easy to understand.

  • The main purpose of this action is to purify the nasal passages. By doing this, the impure and incompletely opening nostrils will open completely. Due to which the irregularity of breathing is removed. That is why it is also called a nasal cleansing exercise. Various techniques are used to do this, which are given below.
  • Water
  • rope,
  • milk,
  • Ghee

This exercise style is highly beneficial in relaxing the muscles. Due to this, there is a good circulation of blood in the facial muscles and the face looks bright. It is able to give relief from anxiety and depression. It also controls the nervous system.

Water Neti Kriya

Pure but salty water is used for water neti action. This water is put in one nostril through the “Neti Pot” and drained out through the other nostril. Later, the same action is done in the other nostril. By doing this action in both the nostrils, the action of exhaling loudly is done. Neti pot is made of glass, ceramic, or metal.

Thread/Sutra Neti

A wet string or thin surgical tube is used in sutra neti. It is gently inserted through the nostril and later removed through the mouth. Afterward, the nostrils are cleaned by moving them back and forth. To do this, it is necessary to have good practice and the right guidance.

Dhauti neti

Dhauti Kriya is performed for cleaning the intestine.

Dhauti is a Sanskrit word that means “purification”. It is derived from the root word “dhu” which means “to wash.” Dhoti Kriya is specially performed for cleaning the upper intestine. In this process, various techniques are used to flush out the toxic and undigested food particles from the internal organs.

Clothing, Vamana, and Dand Dhauti are very popular in Dhauti Neti. To read more on this, read our special article on Dhauti.

Nauli Shatkarma 

Nauli is considered a difficult exercise, which can only be learned with perseverance and patience. which strengthens the abdominal muscles. Nauli is an essential action for the purification and toning of the stomach and its internal organs. This is a self-administered abdominal massage, in which only the muscles of the abdominal wall are used. To do this, you have to stand at 45 degrees with your hands on your knees. Later the abdominal muscle is rotated.

Basti Shatkriya

If the stomach is divided into three parts, then this action is done to purify the lowest part. The large intestine is purified through Basti kriya, which stores food and removes water from it. By this process, the large intestine has to be cleansed. After a long practice, such a time will come that the intestine itself will be able to absorb the water. But it requires long practice.

Tratak shatKriya

Tratak Kriya is related to the eyes. It improves eyesight and increases focus. It is useful in mental dedication. It should be started with candlelight in the beginning. There should be a distance of around 2 meters between the eye and the law of the candle.

Kapalbhati Kriya

To understand Kapal Bhati Kriya better, read our special article on it, in respect of which we have provided detailed information.

Benefits of Shatkarma 

  • There are many benefits of Shatkarma / Shatkriya, out of which we are giving some here, the rest you will be able to read in our special article on this.
  • It helps in purifying the body internally.
  • It balances between Vata, Kapha and Pitta in the body. One who stays away from diseases.
  • Due to this, the chemical metals of the body remain in balance, which gives a positive energy experience.
  • This will also go a long way in keeping the brain healthy.
  • This will make it easier to focus. Freedom from negative energy and the mind will become sharp.
  • Every action of this will give good auspicious results at some particular place in the body.
  • Basti will help in expelling the stool and stomach related problems can be removed.
  • The nostrils are also purified through Shatkarma. Due to which air can be absorbed in plenty.
  • Neti Kriya also gives great benefits to the pain of migraine.
  • With the practice of tratak, the sharpness of the eyes increases and the memory also increases.

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