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Sciatica problem


Due to the swelling of the nerves related to the waist in the sciatica, there is unbearable pain in the whole leg. This neuralgia (neural colic) is a type of nerve pain in which pressure on the sciatic nerve occurs due to some reason.

The pain in the sciatica starts from the back of the hip and spreads gradually to the thumb of the sciatic nerve, passing through this hokar. The pain is mostly behind the knee and ankle and may be accompanied by numbness. In this type of severe condition, the patient lies on the bed due to unbearable pain. As the disease progresses, there is weakness and numbness in the leg.

What is Sciatica?

In Ayurveda, sciatica is called Gridhrasi disease. Due to the pain in the feet, the way of walking of a person becomes like that of a vulture, hence it is called Gridhrasi.In Ayurveda, it has been kept under Vata diseases. This can be mostly due to Vata and Kapha doshas.

Cold foods, sprouted grains, canned food, bitter and astringent juices, or excessive fasting can cause aggravation of Vata dosha.

 Due to which it can become the cause of heartburn and other types of Vata diseases in the body.

This disease mostly occurs in people who work hard and lift heavyweights. This problem is seen in people only after the age of 50 years. In any joint of the body where there is a smooth surface and holds the bones together, due to the effect of age, this smooth surface begins to deteriorate, then it starts having a bad effect on the bones, and this causes unbearable pain.

When this hardens, your sciatic nerve begins to press on, causing sciatica. Severe diseases such as piriformis can be caused by prolonged sitting, a fall, or an accident.

Causes of Sciatica

Well, this problem is mainly related to adulthood. This is due to the wear and tear of the bones and the smooth surface between them. Because of herniated discs, it is also called slip disc.

In this condition the spinal cord is separated from the pieces of cartilage, the first layer of cartilage being removed is that of the herniated disc. The substances inside balance the sciatic nerve which can cause pain and numbness in the lower limbs.

Due to cold, due to excessive walking, due to obstruction, this pain starts in women even during the stage of pregnancy.

Spinal stenosis, in which there is an abnormal narrowing of the lower spinal canal related to the waist. This contraction puts pressure on the spinal cord and the roots of your sciatic nerve.

Spondylolisthesis is a degenerative disc disorder. When one spinal cord extends past the other, the extended spinal cord acts to stimulate your sciatic nerve.

Piriformis syndrome, a rare neuromuscular disorder in which sciatica causes the piriformis muscle to automatically contract. The piriformis muscles connect the lower part of the spine to the thighs.

Symptoms of Sciatica

This disease is more common in people who work hard or lift heavyweights. Usually, this problem starts only after the age of 50 years. Wherever there is a joint in a person’s body, there is a smooth surface that holds the bones together.

With age, this smooth surface starts to wear down, then it has a bad effect on the bones, due to which there is unbearable pain.

When it hardens, it gradually puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing sciatica. Chronic piriformis syndrome can be caused by prolonged sitting, a fall, or an accident.

Prevention Tips for Sciatica Pain

Without proper diagnosis of this disease, it is not cured completely. And along with its treatment, proper care has to be taken off food and living habits. If it is not taken care of properly then it is not good.


Avoid sitting in one place for a long time, try to stand for some time every half an hour, this gives relief to the bones of the waist.

Do not bend over or lift heavy objects. This puts more pressure on the joints of the bones of the spine.

Do not walk for long distances carrying heavyweights.

If due to work, you have to sit in a chair for hours and work on the computer, then try to sit upright by placing a small pillow on the back of the chair.

Do exercises related to the spine as per the advice of the doctor.

The best way to avoid sciatica can be yoga and exercise, it keeps the spine flexible in old age.

Do not work during the time of severe pain in sciatica.

Do not wear high heels or slippers.

Avoid doing forward bending tasks.

Do not stop consuming things made of flour and sugar.

Junk food and packaged food

Foods that increase Vata in the body like peas, rajma, urad, arbi, brinjal, potato, jackfruit, etc.


Consuming food rich in Vitamin-B like cheese and milk products provides relief in sciatica pain.

Consuming foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as flax seeds and peanuts, nuts, etc. can be beneficial.

Eat foods rich in Vitamin A like fruits, carrots, green leafy vegetables, mangoes, and apricots.

Eat a diet rich in potassium, it strengthens muscles and nerves and helps with neurotransmission. Eat white beans, greens, potatoes, apricots, avocados, mushrooms, and bananas in a potassium-rich diet.

Home Remedies for Sciatica

To get rid of the pain of sciatica, first of all, home remedies are adopted. Here we will talk about some such home remedies passed by the experts of Patanjali, using which the pain of sciatica can be reduced to some extent-

Night Jasmine Beneficial in Sciatica Pain

Harsingar leaves are very beneficial in the form of sciatica. Wash 250 grams of Harsingar leaves and boil them in one liter of water, when the water is about 700 ml. If it remains, then take it off and cool it and filter it. Now mix 1-2 Ratti saffron in it and fill this water in a vessel and drink it in the amount of one cup every morning and evening. Consume it regularly for a month.

benefits of horseradish

Relief in sciatica pain: Boil 100 grams of drumstick leaves, 100 grams of Ashoka bark, and 25 grams of carom seeds in 2 liters of water, when 1 liter of water remains, filter it.

 Taking 50-50 grams of this decoction in the morning and evening ends the problem of sciatica.

Benefits of Wax Myrtle in Sciatica Pain

Nutmeg is the bark of a tree that is dark red in appearance.

Bring it and grind it coarsely and grind it finely. Now heat 500 grams of mustard oil in a pan. When the oil becomes hot, add 250 grams of nutmeg powder little by little. Cook for four to five minutes and then filter it with a cloth. If you feel pain, warm this oil lightly and you can massage it slowly. Do not apply pressure while massaging and compress after massage.

The benefit of Fenugreek Get Relief from Sciatica Pain

Fenugreek seeds are helpful in sciatica pain. In this, you can swallow a spoonful of fenugreek seeds with water in the morning or mix one gram powder of fenugreek and dry ginger powder with warm water and take it 2-3 times a day, it provides relief in pain.

Ajwain Beneficial in Sciatica Pain

Oregano has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Boil 10 grams of carom seeds in a glass of water and then filter it and drink the water.

Turmeric Beneficial in Sciatica Pain 

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent medicine for the treatment of sciatica. Drink a pinch of turmeric in milk before sleeping.

Rock Salt Beneficial in Sciatica Pain

To get rid of sciatica pain, mix two cups of rock salt in a bathtub of warm water and sit. Soak your legs and lower back in the water for about 20 minutes. Do this process thrice a week.

Mustard Oil Beneficial in Sciatica Pain

Put 2-3 bay leaves and 2-3 cloves of garlic in mustard oil and cook the oil. Now lukewarm it and massage it with light hands in the waist and legs. It provides benefits in both pain and inflammation.

When to See a Doctor?

Sciatica is an inflammatory disease of the nerves in which there is pain from the groin to the toe. Home remedies and specified lifestyles should be adopted when such pain arises. If doing this does not provide any benefit and the intensity of the pain increases, then the doctor should be contacted immediately, otherwise, the disease may become severe and there may be a partial or complete disability in the movement of the legs and the ability to feel.

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