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Pet care


  Every person has his own hobbies, in which many people are fond of raising animals such as dogs, cats or different types of birds or colorful fish.

Often the hobby of keeping a dog-cat is seen in most people because the dog is used to guard the house, and it is also the most loyal and understanding among all the other animals.

You can raise any animal, but taking care of it is more important to you and your family than it is to it!

Because there is a fear of spreading various types of diseases from animals and it is very important to keep in mind the things related to cleaning the dirt spread from them.

• If you have animals, keep them in a certain place so that they do not spread the mess all over the house.

• Keep all their food, utensils, clothes, clothes, etc. separate from their belongings.

• Clean the place where your animals live and also wipe it with a good insecticide four times a week.

• Dogs, cats, etc. have a lot of hair fall, so do not let their hair scatter around the house. Hair can get into your food and drink, making you vulnerable to serious diseases.

• Cleanliness of animals is very important. That’s why they should be bathed from time to time.

• Some people are very allergic to animal hair, so keep the house as clean as possible.

• If you leave your dog open, he can spread dirt on your sofa, table, bed, mattress, rug, kitchen, etc. So keep them tied as far as possible. If left open, he can put his mouth in food items.

• Many people, when they have a dog, walk around in their lap for 24 hours and sleep with them in their bed at night.

You should love animals, but not so much that this habit of yours creates any big problem for you.

• Fix a time for animal feces and urine so that they do not spread dirt inside the house. Make it a habit to rotate them at certain times. Anyway, this habit is formed in the dogs themselves. If for some reason you don’t have time, open them, they will go away on their own.

• Just as a person is suddenly surrounded by diseases, in the same way, animals can automatically fall prey to diseases, so do not try to become a doctor yourself when the animal becomes ill. In that case, take them to the vet immediately.

You can keep any animal, but take special care of its cleanliness. In this lies the safety of you and your family.

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