Five Billionaires Who Lost All of Their Money

Billionaires who lost their money.

1. Adolf Merckle (Germany)

Adolf Merckle once was one of Germany’s richest people, with more than $12.8 billion in net worth.  Few others on this list. Merckle was too hit difficult by the credit emergency of 2008 in which he misplaced almost $3.6 billion. In spite of the gigantic misfortune, he still remained one of the five wealthiest men in Germany. But by the end of 2008, his investment firm faced a serious liquidity crisis. The firm reported $6 billion dollars of losses.


To make up for it, Merckle gambled big by making risky investments. This eventually cost him more money. After losing almost everything. Merckle finished his life by tossing himself before a train.

2. Elizabeth Holmes (USA)

Elizabeth Holmes, an American innovator, and entrepreneur came the youthful tone- made womanish billionaire in 2015. Her health care technology company reached$ 9 billion in valuation. She made a hefty profit. Holmes became an instant celebrity with her name on Time’s 100 Utmost Influential People of 2015.


But her time as a billionaire was cut short as civil examinations impended over her company, with allegations of potentially misleading its investors about their new, innovative blood-testing technology. Following these allegations, her credibility and particular wealth both took a serious megahit.

Forbes devaluated her particular wealth to zero and fortune named Homes as one of the “ World’s most disappointing leaders.” She was also banned from any position in her company two times by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

3. Vijay Mallya (India)

Vijay Mallya is an Indian businessman and a former billionaire, who’s presently a subject of repatriation from the UK to India to face charges of massive fiscal fraud. Mallya, the king of good times, became India’s richest liquor king after taking over his father’s company at the age of 28. He turned that business into a multi-billion bone establishment, making a particular fortune of$1.5 billion. His troubles began when the quantum of debt started to pile on his Kingfisher Airlines.


He soon lost his controlling interest in the united spirits and was forced to step down as president. With millions of bones in debt, Mallya fled India to seek refuge in the United Kingdom.

4. Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson (Iceland)

The banking extremity of 2007 to 2008 affected Iceland further than any nation in the world. It all started when all three major Icelandic banks dereliction on their loans in late 2008, which eventually caused major profitable and political uneasiness in Iceland for three times. Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson, who was the alternate richest person in Iceland before the extremity, gained about 45 percent.


According to Forbes in March 2008, Bjorgolfur was ranked on the list of richest people worldwide, with a total wealth of$1.1 billion. Following the outbreak of the fiscal extremity in the country.

Bjorgolfur lost his chairmanship of Landsbanki in 2008 and declared his particular ruin a time latterly. In lower than one time, his particular wealth went down from$1.1 billion to$ 0. His son, on the other hand, Thor Bjorgolfur, who also lost his entire wealth during the 2007-08 fiscal extremity, recapture his billionaire status in 2015. Thor is Iceland’s only billionaire to date.

5. Eike Batista (Brazil)

A Brazilian businessman Eike Batista made and then lost a multibillion-dollar fortune in the mining and oil exploration industry over the period of two decades. with $30 billion of individual riches in 2011, Eike got to be the eighth wealthiest individual on Soil and the wealthiest in Brazil. His demise as a billionaire began after a sudden crash in the mining industry and the collapse of one of his biggest companies, OGE.


Two years later, in 2013, Forbes reported that Eike Battista lost nearly $20 billion in just one year alone. A year later, due to his massive debts and continuously falling company stock, his personal wealth took a huge plunge from $200 million to negative wealth. In January 2017, Eike Battista was arrested by Brazilian authorities in a high-profile $100 million money laundering case.

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