Fatty liver problems


Liver is an important part of our body. It continues to work in our body from digesting food to making bile. Liver function plays an important role in helping the body fight infection, regulate blood sugar, remove toxins from the body, reduce fat, and make proteins.

Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, and eating fatty foods can lead to diseases like fatty liver.

What is Fatty Liver?

First, let us understand what fatty liver is. Fat gets stored in excess in liver cells. Causes of Fatty Liver Some amount of fat in the liver becomes more than normal which causes fatty liver. This affects the functioning of the liver. Many unusual symptoms arise due to it not working properly and give rise to many diseases.

The accumulation of excess fat in the liver causes fatty liver, it is mostly seen in the age group of 40-60 years.

In Ayurveda, the relation of liver has been told with Pitta i.e. due to contamination of Pitta, the liver suffers from disease and is unable to perform its function properly.

Pitta dosha gives rise to diseases like fatty liver.
Due to the accumulation of toxins in the liver due to wrong eating, the liver has to work more than normal.

Due to which there is inflammation in the liver, which necessitates treatment of fatty liver.

There can be some causes of the fatty liver like –

Excessive drinking
Consumption of fatty food and spicy food
High blood fat
Diabetes or diabetes
Long-term use of medicines such as steroids, aspirin or tetracyclin
Excessive chlorine in drinking water
Viral hepatitis
Symptoms of Fatty Liver
Upper right abdominal pain
Weight loss
Feeling weak
Yellowing of eyes and skin
Food is not digested properly which causes acidity
Abdominal swelling
During the treatment of fatty liver, bring these changes in the diet and lifestyle
Include fruits and vegetables in your diet.
Eat fiber-rich foods such as legumes and whole grains.
Stop using too much salt, trans fat, refined carbohydrates, and white sugar.
You should completely give up the consumption of alcohol.
Including garlic in the food, it prevents the accumulation of fat.
Drink green tea. According to research, it reduces the fat deposited in the liver and improves the functioning of the liver.
Avoid the consumption of fried and junk food completely.
Eat vegetables like a gourd, beet, broccoli, bitter gourd, tienda, zucchini, carrot, onion, ginger along with sprouted grains.
Rajma, white gram, black lentils should be consumed very less and green moong dal and masoor dal should be consumed.
Butter, mayonnaise, chips, cake, pizza, sweets, and sugar should not be used at all.
Do Pranayama regularly and go for a walk in the morning.
When should go to the doctor
Now you must have come to know about the symptoms of fatty liver. You should consult a doctor for such symptoms. This will give you quick treatment.

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