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Diabetes problems


Diabetes or diabetes is rapidly spreading its feet in India. In simple words, diabetes means an increase in the amount of sugar in the blood beyond the prescribed levels. This disease, associated with a comfortable lifestyle, occurs due to the deficiency of a hormone called insulin or resistance to this hormone in the body’s tissues.

  1. Very hungry
  2. Frequent thirstFrequent urination
  3. Do not heal
  4. Blurred vision
  5. being tired all-day

How does diabetes affect your feet?

When your blood sugar remains uncontrolled for a long time, it can damage the nerves in the legs. Due to which this place becomes numb and pain is not detected. This is called diabetic neuropathy.

If there is any wound or injury in this part, then pain is not experienced here. Due to which there is a possibility of infection.

Due to diabetes, the flow of blood in the legs also decreases, due to which the body is not able to fight the infection effectively and gangrene is formed in the feet. In many cases, the foot or toe has to be amputated for treatment.

So now you know to what extent diabetes can damage the feet. If you are also suffering from diabetes, then here we are telling you some such tips by adopting which you can take good care of your feet. Let’s take a look:

1. You should get your feet checked from time to time:

Check the space between your feet and toes every day when you shower, put on, and take off shoes. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should consult your doctor.

– Wound or cut part

– Changes in color (feet turning blue or reddish)

– boil, pimple

-callus (atta)


– Difficulty in moving the legs or numbness in the feet

2. Foot Cleansing

Wash the feet with lukewarm water and soap, keep in mind that the water should not be too hot.

Do not keep the feet immersed in soapy water for a long time, it brings dryness to the skin.

– Inspect the feet while washing, see if any of the above symptoms are present.

After washing the feet with clean water, dry them thoroughly (especially between the thumb and fingers).

You can apply any moisturizer cream to keep the feet moist, keep in mind that the cream is not to be applied between the thumb and fingers.

3. Maintenance of Toe Nails

Cut the toenails straight and regularly.

Do not cut the nails from the corners, because of this the nails start growing inwards which can lead to infection later.

– Using a nail file, flatten the sharp corners of the cut nail.

Cut the nail with a knife or razor blade.

4. Choosing the Right Shoes and Socks

Before wearing shoes, put your hand in them and see if there is any hurt object in them.

Too tight shoes should not be worn.

Shoes clean and without socks

Do not wear shoes

Wear socks in such a way that they do not put too much pressure on the toes and feet.

5. Diabetes Control

If your diabetes and sugar level remains correct, then the chances of neuropathy and infection automatically decrease. For this, keep visiting your doctor regularly, keep your blood sugar and cholesterol checked and live a healthy and happy life.

What not to do

– walking barefoot

-wearing too-tight shoes

Smoking, drinking alcohol, or any other activity can make your diabetes worse.

– Bathing in very hot water or soaking the feet with hot water and hot towels

Self-medication without medical advice in case of any wound or other discomfort

Attempts to cut corn or flour with scissors or a blade

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