Commvault Metallic SaaS
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Commvault Metallic SaaS

Commvault is the world’s leader in hybrid cloud data protection, providing industry-leading backup, recovery, and archiving for SaaS applications and data.

The cutting-edge cloud stage is built on the world’s most progressed machine learning innovation. Commvault is committed to giving clients with a consistent involvement notwithstanding of where their information lives.

CommVault is a leader in the field of cloud-based data protection and management.

CommVault’s beginning item advertising, Reinforcement Director, was made over 20 a long time prior, and since that point, it has advanced into a full suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) items.

CommVault’s items are planned to assist organizations of all sizes ensure their information in a cost-effective and secure way, no matter where that information is found. The CommVault SaaS stage has the adaptability to adjust to changing situations and necessities, and can be gotten to from anyplace.

Why Data Protection’s Time To Be Metallic

With metal data protection from Commvault, your organization can be sure that its data is stored securely in a storage infrastructure running on industry-leading, enterprise-grade metal. In the event of a natural disaster or any other emergency, you can recover your system in minutes with Commvault’s near-real-time backup and protection.

The old model for storage technology is in the process of being turned upside down. The new “commodity” is memory-based disk storage which is not only Non-Volatile but also Non-Explosive and radiation tolerant.

So what do we have to worry about? The answer: everything else.

1. Physical

2. Environmental

3. Availability

4. Compliance

5. Security

Data Protection Today

We’re just at the beginning of the information age. A computer’s processor speed will increase at least an order of magnitude in the next decade.

As we begin to store and process increasingly more data, we will face many challenges:

  • – Store and process a huge amount of data.
  • – Access it quickly and efficiently.
  • – Protect it from loss, theft, and disaster.

Data Protection Tomorrow

So what’s the alternative? While the disk storage model is still very useful, we have to be able to change it. The future of storage is moving from the physical disk storage model to the cloud. This allows us to make it easier and faster to access our data, while storing it where we need it, on the fastest network, and using the best and cheapest network infrastructure available.

Commvault Data Protection Today

Commvault Data Protection has the answers to all of these challenges. With Commvault Data Protection, your data is stored in a redundant network-based storage infrastructure that uses the latest technology to provide the highest levels of availability and security. You can access your data as needed and use your Commvault storage infrastructure to protect your data from loss, theft, and disaster.


Commvault Metallic Saas is a cloud-based data protection solution that allows customers to protect, archive, and access all of their data in one place.

Commvault is a leading provider of storage and information management solutions for the global information management community. Commvault’s family of solutions includes data protection, storage, virtualization, archive, and backup applications, as well as storage and management software for physical and virtual environments. Commvault is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Commvault, Inc., a privately held company based in Redmond, Washington. For more information, visit


One of the biggest reasons that digital data is so difficult to protect is that it is easy to get and hard to protect. Digital data can be copied easily and moved from one place to another. It is also very difficult to tell if data has been changed or lost.

The problem with all of this is that when data is copied, it is changed. The same is true when data is moved from one place to another. If you want to protect your data, you have to be able to protect it when it is copied and moved. This is where Commvault Data Protection comes in.

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