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Alzheimer’s problems


Symptoms of Alzheimer’s do not appear immediately, which makes it a bit difficult to diagnose it in the early stages. Sometimes this disease reaches its last stage and treatment is given only after the patient’s mental condition becomes very bad.

After reaching this state, the treatment also becomes very difficult and it is not possible to bring the patient back to the same mental state. If its early symptoms are identified, then the problem can be solved to a great extent.

First stage

If this problem has started in someone close to you, then they will not show any symptoms clearly. It is only through a PET scan that the problem can be detected at this stage whether there is a problem of Alzheimer’s or not.

Second stage

Even at this stage, you will not see any change in the patient. But small things change, which even doctors are not able to identify. Forgetting a word or forgetting about things. This stage has no effect on the patient’s ability to perform everyday tasks. Although these types of symptoms can be seen even after aging, they are not necessarily symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Third step

This stage has an impact on the patient’s thinking and reasoning ability. Its symptoms may be as follows:

forget something you read a while ago

asking the same question over and over

having trouble planning or arranging

Not remembering their names when meeting new people

Fourth stage

The symptoms seen in the third stage become more severe in the fourth stage. There seems to be a profound effect on thinking and reasoning ability. Along with this new problems also start emerging.

forgetting information about yourself

Have trouble remembering dates and quantities

Forget what month it is or what season it is

There is trouble in cooking or sometimes there is also trouble in ordering dishes from the menu.

Fifth stage

At this stage of the disease, the patient starts forgetting many important things related to himself seriously. This includes things like where he is and what time it is now, his address, phone number, what school he attended. Even they remain confused about what kind of clothes they should wear in this season.

Sixth stage

As the problem of Alzheimer’s progress, the patient remembers people’s faces but forgets their names. Even when not at work, they feel that they have to go to work. It becomes difficult to communicate but can be connected through their senses. Many patients with Alzheimer’s enjoy listening to music, reading, or looking at old pictures.

Seventh stage

This is considered the most severe stage of the disease. Even small abilities like eating, walking, and getting up are forgotten. During this time the patient should be fed easily swallowable foods or soft things, help them to use the spoon as well as to drink water. By reaching this stage, patients often forget to say that they are thirsty.

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